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Reveling in the Rivalry

Janae Torgeson

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The Glendale-Kickapoo rivalry began in the 1970s after two-thirds of Glendale’s students were transferred to Springfield’s new high school, Kickapoo. The intense rivalry still exists today and has awarded the Falcons with sweet victory in almost all varsity sports within the last year. The Falcons have won in football, boys soccer, wrestling, girls and boys basketball, baseball, volleyball and boys and girls swimming.

Students from Springfield typically grow up having an idea of which high school they’ll attend at a young age. This knowledge sparks the immediate animosity that has fueled the rivalry between Glendale and Kickapoo.

“I like maybe one or two people from Kickapoo, but nobody on the football team…I’ve grown up always knowing that I was going to Glendale and I knew that I was always going to be a part of some of these games,” Chandler Collins, Glendale senior football, baseball and basketball player, said. I also think that Springfield favors Kickapoo and I think that some of our local media favors them quite more than what they really deserve.”

Kickapoo students share mutual feelings on the rivalry.

“I would definitely say the rivalry is pretty heated. No one likes to lose. Ever,” Jack Simpson, Kickapoo senior, said.

In football and boys and girls basketball in the past season, the Falcons sent the Chiefs home with unexpected losses.

“Well, obviously we were a little salty about the outcome. They [Glendale] played a good game and we lost… We lost last year in basketball and we were surprised. We didn’t play very good,” Jack Simpson, Kickapoo guard and wide receiver said.

The Falcons also handed the Chiefs a crushing loss in boy’s soccer immediately after the football game.

“I try not to talk about it [losing to Glendale two games in row]. I mean I’m definitely not used to losing. It doesn’t normally happen… but we’ll bounce back,” Alec Gathright, Kickapoo senior soccer, basketball and football kicker, said.

The Falcons were thoroughly satisfied with their team’s performance and thrilled with the victory.

“It was a good team effort. We basically killed them and we weren’t supposed to win, like always it seems like, but it’s a game I’ll never forget — that’s for sure,” Ryan Wester, Glendale senior, said.

The winners of the rivalry game are awarded with bragging rights and           unlimited pride.

“It’s a pretty big deal to beat Glendale — we wouldn’t know how that feels this year though,” Jordyn Danzer, Kickapoo basketball Lady Chief, said.

The previous matchup in football was an unforgettable Homecoming victory for the Falcons.

“Our last game was crazy. We won by one. It was all the way down to the very end and we scored in the last two minutes of the game,” Collins said. “The Flock was crazy; it was the loudest I ever heard it. There were so many people there. I never knew how much a game meant to a community because the Glendale community is one of the best in the area so it was good to win for them.”

The rivalry sparks hatred among the students, especially when talking about losses in previous matchups.

“I hate Glendale because they could be terrible the whole season and play the best game of the year against us. I like the kids at Glendale, but when it comes to sports, I cannot stand Glendale. But it is always good when you win when it matters,” Tyson Batiste, Kickapoo senior point guard, said.

The feelings between the Southside rivals are still bitter. Ryan Wester admits to the immediate dislike when talking about Kickapoo.

“I hate them [Kickapoo]… I just can’t stand them. They’re always so cocky and arrogant. They think they’re better than Glendale in every sport, which is never true,” said Wester.

Kickapoo students share a common hatred of the Flock.

“We don’t like Glendale. We hate Glendale and we’re going to win the rest of the year,” Simpson said.

“I’m not a big fan of the Flock,” Alec Gathright, Kickapoo senior and soccer player said.

The upcoming match ups have different game plans and students are eager and excited.

“We probably won’t look ahead like we might have last year… you’ve got to take every game seriously, including Glendale and of course I think we’ll win this year,” said Simpson, regarding the upcoming basketball game.

“I love playing Kickapoo and I love beating them. Last year we beat them in basketball and baseball so hopefully we can beat them in all three this year. Go Falcons,” Collins said.

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Reveling in the Rivalry