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Glendale Vs Kickapoo Chick-Fil-A Challenge

Glendale Students

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The Glendale Falcons teamed up with the Kickapoo Chiefs in February in order to raise money for Officer Aaron Pearson, a Springfield police officer who was shot while on duty. The schools partnered up with Chick-Fil-A and raised approximately $2,100.

The Chick-Fil-A challenge between Glendale and Kickapoo began last year, after the company offered the idea.

“Last year, it started after getting an email from Chick-Fil-A company. They were asking if we wanted to do a challenge with Kickapoo for the basketball game,” James Nordine, Glendale teacher and Cabinet adviser, said. “We said ‘sure’ and they said whoever raised the most money from the receipts would win.”

The competition remained close between both schools, but Glendale managed to get the win for their school, and $750 for Pearson.

“I’m very impressed with Glendale, considering Kickapoo has more people than Glendale does, but Glendale seems to like eating Chick-Fil-A,” Nordine said.

The Falcons put up a fight against the Chiefs at the basketball game, however, the Chiefs came out of the game with a win Feb. 10.

“Towards the beginning, it was really exciting. The Glendale-Kickapoo game brought a lot of adrenaline because there were so many people there who came to watch,” Jordan Walton, freshman guard, said. “At the end, there was a lot of disappointment and sadness, but also we were happy to have a close game with one of the best teams in Class 5A.”

The game remained close, but the Chiefs seemed to have much more depth than the Falcons.

“I wish we could’ve gotten the win in order to go out with a bang … it was sad, but it was a lot of fun. They were a lot more athletic than we were, much deeper, and they had a basically a whole other team sitting on the bench, which also affected us,” Ryan Wester, senior, said.

The game next year between the Southside Rivals is already much anticipated.

“Next year we want to win. We would need to play good defense, be patient on offense, score and come out with a win,” Walton said.

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Glendale Vs Kickapoo Chick-Fil-A Challenge