Sports Round Up

Janae Torgeson, Reporter

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Chase GafnerMaridan Chaney
Stephanie PenticuffMaridan Chaney
Spencer Weller Robert ObrechtMaridan Chaney
Kristin KnetzerMaridan Chaney
Cayden StarkMaridan Chaney
Kristin Knetzer, senior, has learned the importance of teamwork, leadership and responsibility through her years of playing varsity soccer at Glendale. From making the varsity team as a freshman and now continuing it to her senior year, she hopes to set the same example that that has been set for her from past upperclassmen. “I think this year’s seniors will do well leading the team because we all are really close and have been playing together for a long time now,” Knetzer said. “We understand that each teammate has a different skill, so we plan to collaborate and have a lot of fun this year, but most importantly beat Kickapoo.” With there being hesitations after losing valuable seniors from last year, Knetzer has high hopes for the season with a positive attitude. “My goals for this season are to make sure that we come together as a team and treat each other as a family,” Knetzer said. “I want us to do the best we can and keep our heads up after losing a lot of seniors from last year.”

Chase Gafner, junior, wishes the best for his team this year and hopes to beat difficult competitors that stand out on the course this season. “I’ve learned that having a team aspect while playing can affect the sport,” Gafner said. “Before, I always thought of golf when I was younger as more of an individual sport, but I realized how much more of a team sport it can be. Obviously the main goal for the team is to get better as the year goes on and to win state. As a personal goal, I hope to be a role model as an upperclassman and to do the best that I can throughout the year.” Although Glendale has a strong golf team, there are other teams around the state that will be hard to compete against. “Our biggest competitors will be probably Rockhurst and Rockbridge,” Gafner said. “They have a very seasoned team and are very talented all the way through their varsity team.”

Robert Obrecht, senior, is one of the strongest players on the team and tries his best to be a leader to everyone else around him. “I have been a part of the Glendale bowling team since freshman year,” Obrecht said. “The team values having fun and enjoying the sport just as much as winning. It is important to win, but if we don’t have fun as we get there, then what’s the point?” One of the biggest concerns for this season is to beat other teams around the state that work just as hard as Glendale. The bowling team plans to take one step at a time, making the most of each moment. “Our goals would be to win the city title and then work towards winning state,” Obrecht said. “Kickapoo will be the biggest competitors at city this year.”

Cayden Stark, senior, has been playing baseball his entire life, learning new things each year. “We have a few strong leaders that will guide us pretty well,” Stark said. “The bond between this year’s seniors will be stronger than any in the past. I think our bond we have will keep us motivated and will help us work together to go far this season.” Stark strives to set records this year and to make an impact that will always be remembered. This season is limitless. “We hope for a 20-win season because we haven’t had that in forever,” Stark said. “We want to go further than we ever have before, specifically last year. We have our heads held high and know that hard work pays off.”

Stephanie Penticuff, senior, plans to make her last season of track at Glendale memorable. Being one of only a few seniors on the team to help her lead underclassmen, she has set high expectations for herself. Although she enjoys the competition, she enjoys the relationships with the other teammates as well. “We have very few seniors on the team, but the few that we have will do well because we will be sure to help the underclassmen,” Penticuff said. “We have a lot of new freshmen this year, so us seniors will try our best to focus on assisting them with their form and running techniques. Our goal is to make it feel like we are a family more than a team.” Running track and cross-country at Glendale has helped her grow, bettering herself each season since freshman year. She plans to improve as much as she can this season so that she can prepare for her commitment she has made to Southwest Baptist University in the fall of next year. “I would like to make it to state and get a high placement this year,” Penticuff said. “It will be a large adjustment running at college, so I want to mainly improve myself on time management in order to train for next year.”

Spencer Weller, senior, looks forward to going out with a bang his last season at Glendale. His main value in the game of tennis is good sportsmanship, hoping that each player on the team will master it this season. “I feel like our seniors will really keep the team close and under control because we have learned so much from good leaders in the past such as Luke Hansen, John Nahon, and Micah Klousia,” Weller said. “They all left our team with a legacy and it has made us want to try and incorporate their leadership qualities so that we can be remembered like them.” Weller, along with the rest of the team, plans to go far this season. “No one wants to play against a player that doesn’t have good sportsmanship, so I want our team to excel in that aspect,” Weller said. “Personally as seniors, Hayden Fulk and I would like to make it to state. I think we can do it if we try our hardest and make the most of every moment this season.”

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Sports Round Up