Fall Sports Roundup

Alex Mussell, Reporter

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Boys Soccer

The Glendale boys’ soccer team is seeking retribution. Last year, the team had a fairly successful season, and senior, Josh Call, is expecting to surpass those accomplishments.

“This season we’re going to rebuild off last year. We lost a lot of seniors, but we’re still expecting to go far like we always do,” Call said. “Last year, we won districts, but we didn’t win conference, and that’s what I want to do. We obviously want to beat Kickapoo, since we didn’t beat them last year.”

As team captain, Call wants to help his team out and lead Glendale to a state championship title. The principal factor that the team needs to focus on in order to accomplish their goal is coming together as a team.

“Our main goal right now is to come together as a team because we have a lot of good individual players, but once we come together we’ll finally figure things out and get really good,” Call said.



Glendale Football hasn’t seen six consecutive wins in 11 years. And after last year’s disappointing outcome, the situation is finally looking up.

Despite the unsatisfying overall result, last season ended in a bang, as they won their last three out of four games.

Luke Montgomery, senior, is willing to harness this momentum and motivation into the start of the new season.

“Last year the season didn’t go as we wanted to,” Montgomery said. “We won three of our last four games and so that really built our confidence into the beginning of this year. Our offense always gets a bunch of credit and publicity, and we can’t let that get to our heads, and the defense has really stepped it up this year. I think comparatively to last year we’ll be a lot better this year.”



Elizabeth Quinn, senior, is ready to spike her way to victory on her last year playing Glendale volleyball. The Glendale girls have stepped up their game and aim to win districts this year.

“We did just lose six seniors, but we’re strong as a team and we work really hard in practice so I think we’ve gotten much better since the beginning of the season,” Quinn said. “I really think we can have a winning season and we definitely have a high chance of winning districts.”

Last year, the team won most of their games, yet lost in the second round of districts. This year, the girls’ have been working on bonding and trusting each other in order to become a stronger team and exceed last season’s success.

Despite the vast amount of pressure and frustration they’re facing, Quinn and her team are prepared to give it their all.

“All of our games this year will be hard, but we’re just ready to come out, play hard and win.”


Cross Country

Glendale’s cross country team is ready to run faster than ever this season.

“I think we’re going to have a really good season,” Luke Miller, senior, said. “We have a new coach, and I feel like he’s going to help the team out. He’s a runner, so that’s good.”

Miller is expecting every member on the team to improve their personal records, and is especially looking forward to seeing what sophomore, Nick Ondr, will accomplish this year.

“I expect everyone to improve a lot on their PRs,” Miller said. “I also expect Nick Ondr to make a big jump in his personal best time. Last year on the team, everyone ran faster than they had the year before, which was a pretty big accomplishment. I think we’ll do that again this year but in a

greater magnitude.”

Miller and the team are also looking forward to competing against their longstanding rival, and some of the friendlier rivalries.

“Kickapoo is our biggest rival. We have friendly rivalries with Nixa and Catholic, who stepped up to the larger division this year. They’re just fun, friendly rivalries, and we’re looking forward running with them.”


Girls Tennis

The Glendale girls tennis team is preparing to make it to sectionals and state, after their sudden loss at districts last year.

“We lost at districts last year and didn’t do quite as well as we were hoping,” Rachel Dwyer, senior, said. “Mentally, I know tennis is really hard. It’s the second hardest mental game that any sports plays, so I think getting all the girls focused is going to be the biggest challenge.”

Dwyer currently stands 11-0 this season. One becomes aware of her distinguished tennis skills due to her decorated high school tennis career.

Last year, she received several awards that make her stand out from other prominent players in the district.

“Last year, I got the CODP award for ‘Tennis Athlete of the Year’, and it stands for ‘Community Olympic Development Program’,” Dwyer said. “It was for my community service, good standing as a student and tennis playing abilities.”

Dwyer also received the United States Tennis Association (USTA) ‘18 sportsmanship award, the Ozark Sports Zone ‘1 Award’, and was nominated for the Springfield NewsLeader Girls’ Tennis Award.


Girls Golf

Alex Briscoe, senior, hopes to see the Glendale golf girls make it to state together.

“My main goal would be to make it to state as a team, but if we can’t do that, it would be to make it to state individually,” Briscoe said.

Unlike many sports, one’s performance in golf depends solely on oneself. This is definitely a challenge considering that there is no one to fall back on.

Briscoe and her team have three large tournaments this season, which include districts, sectionals and state. Success in each tournament is required to move on to the next one.

“Our golf schedule is just hectic, we have tournaments and matches every week, but we don’t have any big tournaments until we get to districts, sectionals and state, but we do have smaller tournaments that are important in preparing us for the bigger ones.”


Boys Swimming

Henry Feyh, junor, is hoping to have a repeat of last year’s triumphant season.

“As far as for the team, I think last season we had a really good year. We won all-city and conference,” Feyh said. “ I think we can win all-city

this year, and it may be a challenge to win conference, but I think we can do it.”

An abundance of hard work needs to be put in before these goals are accomplished. The team trains hard in the pool at 5:30 in the morning, and again at 5:30 in the afternoon.

“We put in a lot of hard work into our practices,” Feyh said. “And yeah, that’s hard but at the end of the year when you drop a lot of time, it’s worth it.”

One of Glendale’s biggest competitors this year will be Webb City, who beat them at state last season by 19 points.



After several disappointing seasons in years past, pitcher Kate Arthur, senior, is ready to turn Glendale’s softball reputation around.

“My expectations for the season are to win as many games as possible because in years past, we haven’t had the best records,” Arthur said. “This year I think we’ll definitely come out with more wins than losses.”

There are several challenges to the sport, that give other teams the upper hand.

“Softball is harder for me because I haven’t played it competitively since I was young, which is how a lot of the girls on the team are,” Arthur said. “That is the main hardship we are going to be facing because other teams we play have grown up playing softball.”

Nevertheless, Arthur and her team are ready to give it their best and keep a positive mindset.

“Some personal goals I have are to stay positive throughout the whole game and strike as many people out as I can because I’m the pitcher,” Arthur said. “Some team goals I have are to just teach the younger girls the game, leadership qualities and how to be a positive team member.”

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Fall Sports Roundup