Burger Bliss

A look at some of the best burgers in Springfield.

Anna Fredrick, Reporter

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Black Sheep

Black Sheep is a pretty new player in the Springfield burger game, but it has quickly become a top competitor. I ordered the “Bleus Brothers” which has double patties, bleu cheese, candied bacon, avocado and truffle mayo. This burger seems daunting on paper, and in person, but it satisfies every taste bud and will leave the mouth feeling happy . The burger was perfectly cooked and had a wide variety of flavors. The candied bacon is to die for and perfectly complements the bleu cheese. I would recommend this burger to anyone looking to try a different spin on a cheeseburger. The atmosphere is great and the service is very fast, but since it is so popular be prepared to wait around 15 minutes for a table at dinner. The restaurant now has two locations: downtown and in Chesterfield Village.

Galloway Grill

Galloway Grill is the perfect place for a quick bite to eat. From salads to cheeseburgers, they have it all. I ordered “The Cheeseburger,”which is pretty basic with only a patty and cheese, and their beer-battered fries. The burger was served on a sweet bun that was lightly toasted to add a nice crunch. The patty was  thick but still tender and juicy. The fries were super crunchy and the flavor was very strong. It was the perfect amount of food for dinner.  Situated along the Galloway Trail, the restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating and is always somewhat busy. This classic burger is recommended to anyone who just craves a quality burger.

Hotel Vandivort

Hotel Vandivort is not just known for being a great place to stay in Springfield, it also features a wide variety of food at its restaurant, The Order. The restaurant featured a burger titled “The Order.” The burger was a small thick patty served on a brioche bun with smoked gouda, bacon onion jam and an array of house made sauces. The burger was slightly undercooked but the bacon onion jam made up for it. The jam created a sweet crunchy glaze around the burger and the brioche bun was soft and a perfect complement to the burger. The restaurant was contemporary and very upscale. I would recommend this burger to anyone looking for a sophisticated burger and dining experience.

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Burger Bliss