Spring Sports Roundup

Maridan Chaney, Managing Editor

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Story by Maridan Chaney

Photos by Maridan Chaney



“I love this sport because it’s all my own. I’m on my own out there and what I do directly reflects how I play. I’ve played every team sport you could think of, but I definitely love golf the most because of how enjoyable the game is,” -Alex Locke, senior.




“I love track because there is so much variety. I also love it because it’s helping me get into better shape,” -Amanda Blue, junior.



“I love this sport because it requires a lot of skill, and can be completely changed by a matter of inches,” -Gavin Burlew, senior.


“There are a lot of new people coming out that are really good athletes that don’t normally go out for track,” -Josh Lundien, senior.


“I love tennis because it is about consistency and precision. You have to rely solely on yourself to win,” -Nathan Howard, senior.


“In other sports, you have plays that you have to follow step by step, but in soccer, you just go with the game. You can set the pace, but you never have to run a certain play in order to score,” -Rachel Williams, senior.

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Spring Sports Roundup