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Anna Fredrick

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If you are looking for a more upscale meal, definitely check out Flame. I ordered the Lobster Mac. This was served in a small skillet and was baked, creating a nice cheesy crunch. The cheese was very rich and perfectly covered the shell noodles. The best thing about the dish was the lobster bits and strong flavor. The combination between the smooth cheese and the lobster was fantastic and created a very intersting flavor. This dish was $12 which I felt was a little pricey for the amount of food given, and also it took around 20 minutes to recieve the food. Overall, the Lobster Mac was a really great upscale twist on mac and cheese.

Although this dish is more traditional, Springfield Brewing Company still made it one of the best. Springfield Brew Co. is both a great place to grab a quick bite to eat and sit down with family. I ordered the Bacon Mac and Cheese. The dish has the perfect cheese to shell noodle ratio. The pasta is covered in a four cheese Mornay sauce and topped with garlic bread crumbs. One thing I really enjoyed about this entree was that the sauce was not super rich or thick. I also really liked the sweet bacon that topped off the dish. It wasn’t completley candied, but rather just flavored enough to introduce a sweet element to the pasta. This dish was $12 and it could easily be split between two people for a full meal. I would definitely recommend this dish to anyone looking for a classic meal of mac and cheese.

Mac and Cheese is such a great food to warm up with in the winter, and Maso’s is the place go to place for that. Maso’s has such a great environment and a broad spectrum of food, where everyone is bound to find something that is for them. I ordered the Chicken Pesto Mac and Cheese. It was baked and served in a skillet. Baking the dish created a nice crunchy cheese top that was unique and created a really nice flavor. Another unique thing about this dish was that it was made with penne noodles instead of the normal shell style noodles. The pesto flavor mixed with grilled chicken and rich cheesy flavor really created a nice, powerful combination. One great thing about this dish is the cost. For $10 , you are served enough food to easily fill two people.  This dish was fantastic.

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