Social Shutdown

Anna Fredrick

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Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat are things that 20 years ago were completley unimaginable but are now vital part of our society. Growing up in the early 2000s was a really unique time to live. The world was on the cusp of a technological revolution, which directly impacted the way millennial’s live today.

One of the biggest impacts of the technology growth spurt is social media. Social media provides a way to be connected to everyone at all times. While trying to provide a new way for relationships to form, social media has inadvertently created a barrier between people and inhibited face-to-face communication.

I may be the only one who feels this way, but whenever I arrive at a friends house I would much rather text them, and tell them that I am waiting outside instead of going up to their door. I do this partly because of convenience, but mostly because I would feel uncomfortable ringing their doorbell and having to deal with the uncertainty of who is going to answer.

Having our phones available for every part of our lives has made us lazy as a society.Instead of venturing to a library for research, where primary sources are guaranteed and the information is much more vast, we scroll through the Internet hoping to stumble upon what we need. I am not going to deny how convenient the Internet and phones are, but they have made us incredibly lazy.

Most people do not know important phone numbers because they never have to look them up. This impacts emergency situations because those involved do not know the numbers of those they need to call, other than 911.

Technology, more specifically autocorrect, has also affected the spelling abilities of our generation. If there is a word I do not know how to spell, I will just type all the letters I know are in the word and hope for the best, instead of actually looking up how to spell it in a dictoniary or even on an online source. Once again, things such as autocorrect and voice controlled smart phones are extremely useful, but just because something is useful does not mean it should always be relied on. Voice controlled devices for houses have become another tool for us to utilize that will add to our laziness as a society. Now you can just speak and your lights will turn off, whcih requires little to no effort on the users end.

Social media has become so intertwined in our relationships that people have had to create challenges to force themselves to put their phones away during meals and actually spend time with those around them, and then act as though this is a significant accomplishment when completing this task.

Since technology is so enveloped in our lives everything seems as though it needs to be documented. Things have gotten out of hand when artists at their concerts have stopped the show to ask people to get off their phones and just listen to the music and be in the moment. I do not want to sound like a hypocrite because I do all these things as well. I feel like our generation will regret being so involved in our phones and social media because we never stopped to enjoy those parts of our life we were documenting.

I love taking pictures at concerts, and video taping every moment with my friends just as much as the next person. I just wish that as a society we could all learn to focus on the present instead of trying to relive through our phones.

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Social Shutdown