Faculty of the Year

His constant gratitude and generosity makes him distinct.

Emma Schneider, Reporter

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For as long as he has been working at Glendale, Jeff McClelland has become a teacher that has stood out for his dedication to his students. This year marks his second year as a full time Paraprofessional in the Special Needs Department.

“I love it here at Glendale,” McClelland said. “I used to Substitute teach here and have always loved it. I was glad to get here, my daughter went here and I have just always enjoyed it. I know a lot of students because I used to teach at some of the grade schools and middle schools where a lot of these students went.”

His career has revolved around his passion for making a difference within the education system.

“Before I came here as a full time employee I was doing some of the same type of work at Rogersville and Central high school,” McClelland said. “I also did some work as a clerical worker or custodian in some of the grade schools. I’ve gotten to do a variety of different things.”

McClelland and his fellow SpED colleagues assist their students in developing the necessary skills needed for daily living and life after high school.

“What we do is when the students have certain things laid out, we help them with their daily activities,” McClelland said. “Sometimes it’s one-on-one and sometimes it’s in groups. Right now, we’re in the process of transition lab, which is where they are out doing different skills. Each day we can do a variety of things. In room 205 we have a small layout of what a house would be like. So we have the students doing laundry, dishes, making the bed, sweeping and cleaning.”

For McClelland, seeing progress being made and accomplishments achieved has been his greatest joy.

“When people do something and accomplish, it is just a tremendous asset,” McClelland said. “When you see that happen it makes you feel good and it also makes you think that maybe we are doing something to help.”

The rewards of his efforts as a Paraprofessional have not only made a difference in the lives of his students, but it is the students that have made a difference in McClelland’s outlook on life.

“It has been a tremendous impact,” McClelland said. “I have seen things I never thought I would see. I’ve seen special needs people who really had an opportunity to feel sorry for themselves, but instead picked themselves up and have really progressed. Instead of letting it get them down they’ve really turned it into joy and positive accomplishments. I’ve also seen others who have developed things that they didn’t know they had in them, both characteristics and abilities. When you see them gain like that, and when you get to work with people I have, such as the teachers, it is just a tremendous effort all around to see people and what they actually can do.”

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Faculty of the Year