Time Traveler

Silver Dollar Cities new roller coaster coming 2018.

A first look at Time Traveler.

A first look at Time Traveler.

Bethany Gott

Bethany Gott

A first look at Time Traveler.

Bethany Gott, Reporter

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Silver Dollar City announced their complete-circuit spinning roller coaster, Timer Traveler, this past August. This $26 million investment is world-record-breaking with a speed of 50.3 mph, 10-stories, a 90-degree vertical drop, a height of 100 feet and more. While the ride only lasts one minute and 57 seconds, the track is 3,020 feet long. The track crosses over itself a total of 14 times.
This roller coaster is said to be introducing a new generation of thrill roller coasters for families.
  Jarron Austin lives in Springfield and visits Silver Dollar City often.
  “My favorite ride is definitely Wildfire because all of the drops,” Austin said. “I also like Powderkeg, though, because of the take-off.”
Due to the construction of Thunderation and Time Traveler being so close to each other, the entrance to Thunderation has been moved over to make room for Time Traveler.
  “You can see the new ride from the Thunderation line and it looks really fun,” Austin said. “The tracks are so close to each other too.”
  For many of Silver Dollar City’s regular customers, the ride is something they’ve been looking forward to since there was the slightest mention of a new coaster.
  “I’m most excited for my stomach dropping because I’ve heard that the ride is going to be crazy,” Austin said.
  Time Traveler is planned to be open by Spring of 2018.    

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Time Traveler