The Nest Wave of Falcons

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  Each school year, Glendale welcomes many new students and teachers to the building, however, this year among new flock members are not what some might expect. Five faculty members welcomed new babies to their nest: Mrs. Bocklemen, Mr. Cunningham, Mrs. Hill, Mrs. Thomas, and Mrs. Swartz.  

      Many of the teachers and staff at Glendale agree that one of the biggest struggles about teaching while being a parent to a newborn or baby is the time spent away from home and from the baby. Thomas’s future cheerleader, Channing was born on April 24. She’s already a regular attendee of games, assemblies, and practices.

  “The hardest part about teaching while being a parent is not being home with the little one and missing all of the milestones,” said Thomas.

  What a baby is named tells a lot about the parents and the background that they have.  Teachers often have a difficult time naming their babies, due to name association with both good and bad students, however,  Lindsey Swartz leaned on past family member names when naming her son born in July.

   “Jack is my husband’s grandfather’s name and Robert was my dad’s name,” said Swartz.

   While Swartz and Thomas both received inspiration for the names from family members, Cunningham, as an assistant band director and now history teacher, found his inspiration elsewhere.

  “I got it from a rock band I used to listen to in high school,” said Chris Cunningham as he explained how he and his wife chose Emery as their daughter’s name.

  Baby Bockelman, Merritt Potter, is the youngest of all of the babies, born on July 19. Kyndal Bockelman was on maternity leave for several weeks at the beginning of the school year but will soon return back to Glendale.

  “The hardest thing I think will be getting enough sleep and probably just missing him the first couple weeks back at school,” Bockelman said.

 Swartz and Bockelman have been away much of this quarter on family leave.  They will return in mid-October.

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The Nest Wave of Falcons