How to be a Falcon

Anna Fredrick

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As I enter my last semester of highschool, I feel nothing but bittersweet emotions. The last four years have been full of twist and turns but have been full of fun all at the same time. The bitter side of it all is leaving the place I have called homefor my whole life.. While the sweet side is, obviously, getting to embark on a new, four year adventure. When I reflect back on everything that has happened I have realized while there isn’t much i wish I could change there are a few things.

Take pride in Glendale.

There is going to be times where you may not agree with everything that happens, but try not to lose sight of the fact that you go to the best school in the 417. Take pride in our rivalries. Take pride in The Flock. Most importantly take pride in how awesome our school is. We have one of the best debate programs in the country, a phenomenal business department, and some of the best sports teams in the state.


Don’t be afraid to take a breather and just take a nap or watch some TV, at the end of the day your health is most important. I know from personal experience how easy it is to become to busy or spread yourself too thin. You can’t be everywhere at once and it is important to remember to choose things that make yourself happy.

Tell your teachers how grateful you are for them.

Teachers are the most vital part of high school. Without them we would leave completely unprepared for the future and not be shaped into the people that we are. The amount of overtime work that they put into just to make a single day of class feel normal shouldn’t go unnoticed. Don’t be afraid to let that teacher who goes the extra mile know that you appreciate everything they do.

Go to everything you can.

This one really became apparent to me when I realized I was at my last Kickapoo vs. Glendale football game, my last homecoming, and my last tennis season had come to an end. I regret not attending as many games/ activites as possible my freshman and sophomore years. You only get so many moments as a high school students, and as part of The Flock, so take part in as many things as you can. Eventually the stadium lights will turn off for the last time.

Don’t take advantage of seeing your friends and family everyday.

Spend as much time as possible with the people you care about and make the most of every moment with them. Before you know it you and your best friends will be miles apart scattered across the country and you won’t have the luxury of coming home to a home cooked meal.

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How to be a Falcon