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Springfield protesters are present every weekend downtown

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Every weekend evening, on the corner of South Street and Walnut, you can find religious extremists from Monett, holding up signs that preach to the “evil-doers” of downtown Springfield. There are usually two people on each corner from the church holding their signs. The extremists stand there until late, remaining mostly silent to the ridicule from passers by. They do not respond to people yelling obscenities at them, they only respond to people who calmly come up and confront them. A teen boy was one of those people holding a sign, and the protester said that God sent them there to hold signs.

“We followed Christ, we’re Christians,” the young man said. Christianity requires us to follow everything Jesus taught. I think people listen to what our signs say. We hope to accomplish, what Jesus told us to do, to go out into the world and preach. Normally people feel condemned by our signs, I want them to see the truth. Not everyone is wonderful. I’m not going to say I’m perfect, but it doesn’t matter that I think I’m better than anyone, I just showing them what Jesus told us to do. Not everyone is equal. I see beyond things.”

The sign holders have been coming downtown every weekend for the past three years. They attend The Church of Monett. The young man said he wasn’t raised in the church, he said he came to Christ later in his life.

“My mom used to be an atheist, my dad is a bar singer. They divorced and then my mom saw the error of her ways and came to Christ to be forgiven. We started going to church up in Monett and all we’re saying with our signs is to try and live right.”

Older men were picketing as well, they were on the opposite corner by the Bistro Market. David, one of these picketers, holding two signs up at once, and had more resting against the light post next to him.

“Most people here don’t really like our signs, David said. “God created us to serve him and Satan, who is the prince of this world, taught the people here to live however they want. God is trying to get us to live his way.”

David claimed that most churches don’t go about preaching correctly, and that a majority of churches are just in it for the money.

“Most Christianity is just a business; people go to their church and put money down so they can be told how to feel better. Jesus died so we could be set free from this world, God doesn’t want us to be happy here, in Satan’s kingdom,” David said. “If we recognize the danger we’re in, we realize we don’t want to be in Satan’s kingdom, we want to be in God’s kingdom and be happy with him. He put us here to love him, love each other and serve others. We’re trying to warn them of the danger of Satan’s kingdom. We love these people, we aren’t against them, but they don’t want help. When a person really wants truth they’ll accept it.”

There are also people that hold signs next to the Monett churchgoers, but their signs are drastically different, they say things like “You’re wonderful.”

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