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Softball players prepare for new field

The new softball field will be located in the area known as the lagoon.

Nikki Bates

The new softball field will be located in the area known as the lagoon.

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With the new football turf, track, and basketball court floors, Glendale High School isn’t stopping there; the plan for the upcoming year is to build a home softball field for the Lady Falcons.

Jana Clubb, the head softball coach for two years, said she can’t wait to get started on their home field.

“I’m super excited. I’m very, very, very excited because it’s not only going to be good for the school and community but especially the softball team,” Clubb said.

Tyler Overstreet, athletic director, has helped in the planning for the field.

“We have a meeting coming up in the middle of October to finalize the contractors,” Overstreet said. “Then we have to get three bids that we will take to the Board of Education in December.”

When all of the figures get finalized, it should be a speedy process for the Lady Falcons’ new field.

“They are going to start building in March,” Clubb said. “Then they will take about six weeks to get [the field] finished.”

There are still some details up in the air.

“In the field the plan is a restroom and concession area, the bleachers, and the dugouts,” Overstreet said. “The way that they are going to approach it, is that they have X amount of dollars to build both our field and Kickapoo’s field. So the first thing they are going to do is build the field, and if there is enough money left over, to do the restroom and concession stand they are going to do that [also], but if not,s there is going to be a phase two in the future when those funds are available.”

With the new field comes moer of responsibility for the Lady Falcons.

“Between the white lines [the responsibility] will be on the team,” Overstreet said.

The girls have some new responsibilities coming for them; containing a lot of work on their hands.

“Well, we,re going to have a lot [of work], we’re going to have to take care of it just like it’s ours, we’ll have to pick up rocks, rake it up, chalk, cut the grass, and water it,” Clubb said. “It will be quite an undertaking, but it will be the teams’ sort of project to work on.”

She said she knows the girls will take good care of the field.

“Yes I think they are ready, I do think it will be a little shock in the beginning, but I think once we understand that it is ours, just like when you turn 16 and get a car, you have to take care of it because it’s yours,” Clubb said.

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Softball players prepare for new field