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Sun Jung, State Golf Champ

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Sun Jung Junior on Glendale’s Girls golf won the individual state title in Jefferson city on Tuesday oct 22nd

Glendale High School’s junior Sun Jung is on her way to having one of the best careers in Springfield girl’s golf history, with finishes of second and fifth at state in her first two seasons.

Jung, who is originally from South Korea, has been on the golf radar for several years. Ten Years ago, when she was seven her older brother Hong, gave her a club to maybe follow in his footsteps.

“My brother started playing before me,” Jung said. “if it’s a good day I beat him, but he’s really good.”

When she was a freshman she grabbed first place at the Missouri State Relays, Jim Pearson Invitational, and Ozark Conference tournaments, then finished second at state. The next year she repeated at all three tournaments and got a medal again at state. You could say she’s pretty good.

“Yeah Sun is really good, but the thing is that she stays humble and never gets cocky,” freshman Macy Doran said who is also a golfer at Glendale.

Compared to this year and last season in wins, she is doing worse this year than last year. Score wise she is doing better.

Like many golfers Jung gets angry when she plays, but she doesn’t show it. That’s one of Jung’s secrets to success. Just stay calm.

“I don’t want people to think I’m a bad person or something,” Jung said. “It’s not going to help to show my anger to the opponent.”

Jung wants to win the state championship this year, but she also has other plans this year.

“I want to enjoy this season with my teammates. That’s what I want to do this season,” said Jung.

She takes that way from her older brother Hong who is a professional teacher in the PGA, and Sun also works with her teammates at practice helping them get better.

“If someone is doing bad, she’ll do anything to help them get better,” Doran said.

Jung has the chance to become Springfield’s fourth four-time medalist.

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Sun Jung, State Golf Champ