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New Tech coming to Glendale

Glendale High School looks to become a New Tech school

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Glendale is the first school in the state of  Missouri to have New Tech school starting the beginning school year of 2014.

New tech will be project based learning and one-on-one technology. It will provide driving questions and a lot of group interaction. New Tech is just a different way to learn.

“We will start out with 200 students. We have have 100 students of next year freshmen and 100 students of next year sophomores,” said Tammy Quinn assistant principal.

There will be two classes that will be provided.There will be American studies for freshmen,which is a combination between English and American history. Also there will be biology literature for sophomores and that will be a combination between biology and literature.

“I will be doing biology literature with Mrs. Leslie Helfrecht [English teacher at Glendale]. Her and I will be in the same class at the same time with 50ish students and their projects will say you can write a lot at the same time you are investigating scientific research,” said Steve Yonke a biology teacher at Glendale.

 Students will be chosen through an application process. The administration is looking for students with good grades, little to no discipline, good attendance, and the student has to commit to one year of New Tech.

“ This will be open to not only just Glendale students but everybody in the district,” Quinn said.

New Tech will expand over time to at least four classes of 100 students so there would be a total of 400 students. It has the potential to grow to 125 students per grade with 500 students total. Eventually New Tech will be housed off Glendale campus but it will still be a part of Glendale because a student that’s is in New Tech is also a Glendale students.

“As New Tech grows I hope to have a physics first class and to take on more responsibility,” Yonke said.

New Tech is different from other classes because they might do 10 projects instead of reading 10 chapters in a textbook.

“We might do a project that learns a little bit about the cells and you learn a little bit about genetics in one project rather than saying we are going to have a chapters worth of material that you learn each time,” Yonke said.

There is always some concerns when you ask students to do something different or try something new.

“Project based learning is not any less work than a normal high school class.Students will have more of a responsibility because they have group members to think about and if one person is not doing their job in that group they can be taken out and have to do it all by themselves. All the students have to work together to get the job done,” said Yonke.

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New Tech coming to Glendale