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Ignoring the Real Problems

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I have enjoyed being a student at Glendale since my freshman year. It has always been a positive learning environment, and I enjoyed coming to school. That was until this year; Glendale has changed and not for the better.

We all expected a change with the new additions to administration, but no one expected the entire dynamic of the school to change. I understand that ID badges are important but in the most recent cases of school shootings, the person who does the crime has an ID badge and is a current student at the school.  This winter has been one of the coldest winters Springfield has had in several years and watching students being turned away at the door because they have to go back out to their cars when it is 10 degrees just to get an ID badge is ridiculous.

Instead of putting all of their energy in ID badge enforcement, I beleive administratros should focus on more pressing needs. It is no secret that many of Glendale’s students have a drug problem. Students are said to have come to school high on a variety of different substances, but administration is too concerned with students wearing ID badges to focus on the real problems at our school.

“I was sitting in class and this kid was sitting two desks away from me, he had a broken wrist so I guess he was prescribed pain killers and he took out a pill, crushed it up, made a line with his ID badge and snorted it in the middle of class. He got really sick so I left the room, it was gross to watch,”freshman Kate Arthur said.

Glendale has been infested with mice and cockroaches for several years, and nothing is being done about this problem, either. That is a hard problem to tackle because there are such large quantities of mice, but there should be at least an attempt to keep the problem under control.

Students’ having an ID badge is a reasonable request, but I think it is ridiculous for the administration to put their main focus on ID badges when there are many other problems the Glendale population faces. Maybe if half of the effort that was put into the focus of ID badges was put into the drug problem or the rodent problem, strides would finally be taken to make Glendale a truly safe and enjoyable school to attend.

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Ignoring the Real Problems