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Down to the Last Seconds

Cally Chisholm

Cally Chisholm

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West Plains wins with a touchdown in the last few moments of Glendale’s home opener with a score of 53-48.

The beginning of the first home game of the season came as a sweet surprise for the plentiful Glendale fans that came out to support their team. The Falcons led the West Plains Zizzers until halftime with the score tied at 20. During halftime, the band played, the Crimson girls performed, and the cheerleaders kept the spirit going throughout.

The Falcons’ impressive offense, led by quarterback Alex Austin, put more points on the board while the defense fought the Zizzers’ offense. Although the Falcons played well, the defense couldn’t prevent the last touchdown by West Plains with 3.5 seconds left on the scoreboard.

This was an exciting and nail-biting game for the Flock and brought the school together to celebrate the return of football on the Glendale campus.

“The team did very very well and we were a family out there. We don’t blame it on anybody and we gave it our best effort,” said David Odun-Ayo, junior wide receiver and linebacker.

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Down to the Last Seconds